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Acoustic authenticity whenever you need it

For pianists who want a piano that will be a true partner for their music, or those who want to offer their children the life-long gift of music, Yamaha offers a truly versatile, modern take on this storied instrument. With all the allure of an acoustic piano in a form that you can play without worrying about the time of day or those around you, these instruments will soon become an integral part of your musical life.

TransAcoustic™ Piano—a innovative proposal from Yamaha for new ways to enjoy the acoustic piano.Enjoy the authentic reverberation and resonance unique to acoustic pianos, combined with the ability to adjust the volume of the instrument.

LIFE WITH A TransAcoustic™ PIANO

Full acoustic sound for all occasions

Immerse yourself in the natural sound of the piano

The rich sound of your favorite voices pours out of the entire piano

Play audio files on the piano for a completely new experience


When you press the piano keys, its hammer strikes the corresponding strings, and the strings vibrate. The initial sound is small, but the soundboard amplifies it with the entire body of the piano serving as a resonator. The result: the distinctly rich sound of an acoustic piano. TransAcoustic™ technology deftly employs this mechanism of resonance keyed by the soundboard.

TransAcoustic™ TA2

Offering a greater range of ways to enjoy performing on an acoustic instrument, including volume control without compromising rich sound and connection with smart devices. The silencing function is used in the SILENT Piano™ SH2 type.

Yamaha MRM