Warranty Information - Yamaha MRM
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Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Yamaha’s Distributor provides a warranty coverage for new Yamaha products originally sold by Yamaha’s Distributor / Dealers. The warranty coverage is only limited to the country where original product is purchased. Yamaha’s warranties will not cover Yamaha products purchased from retailers other than Yamaha’s Distributors/Dealers (whether via the Internet or otherwise). All warranties are limited in duration to the applicable period of time set forth by product category.

In order to get benefit from the Warranty, the customer will need present Yamaha reseller’s invoice/receipt, which shows the date of purchase of subject Yamaha product along with the following information:

1. Full Name

2. Contact Number (Mobile, Landline etc.)

3. Email Address

4. The exact issue with the product along with additional details (Connected devices etc.)

5. Original packaging of the unit for transportation purposes (If available)

The Warranty being offered doesn’t cover:

1. Transportation to and from the service center, shipping costs, local customs and any other traffic-related costs that may occur.

2. Removal and installation of the unit.

3. Any physical damage or burnt components due to the build-up of excessive heat, corrosion due to moisture or insects, external hits or internal glass breaks, accidents, transit damage, power fluctuations, product misuse, improper cleaning, natural disaster and by any operation violating or not covered by usage instructions.

4. Yamaha Products tampered with or repaired by any person who is not approved by Yamaha.

5. Yamaha Products whose Model Name or Serial Number does not match with that on the set, invoice/receipt or the product carton, or if they have been altered, removed or mutilated.

Only Yamaha’s Service Centers can judge whether or not the Warranty is applicable under the conditions above.

Note: To prevent any data loss, the customers are requested to back up their data in before the product submission for repair.

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